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Fast Valuation

The Shazam of the stock market. Search for any company, ETF, mutual fund or index. Find out if it is overvalued or undervalued based on our valuation methodology. Not convinced by our valuation? Adjust the parameters and adapt it to your criteria. In Fast Valuation you will also find our star quality indicators such as the MOAT SP500, the Management Rating or the RAC Price (see Glossary). Look at the historical price curve and our valuation to visually recognize areas of overvaluation and undervaluation of the stock. Translated with (free version)

In the "Charts" section, you can plot your stock on a price curve and include any other asset you want in the chart. Do you want to plot the average P/E of the last 5 years of online payment services companies? Go ahead! We also provide information on the latest movements of the insiders and superinvestors behind the asset you are looking for.

And for the most passionate investors, you can also find Monte Carlos simulations to estimate how likely it is that the asset will meet your investment return expectations.

As at Baboon Technologies we have the power of data and we value all companies live. This way, we are able to tell you if an index or ETF is expensive or cheap based on our methodology. If you invest in ETFs, knowing which ETFs are cheaper and which are more expensive can help you in your portfolio rebalancing.

Fast valuation is your perfect ally to avoid wasting time on overvalued assets and to focus your efforts only on those companies that seem more interesting.

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Portfolio & Watchlist

Tired of calculating your portfolio's Sharpe Ratio by hand? Would you like to know which events and earnings releases affect your portfolio companies? Would you like to compare yourself with any benchmark? In the Portfolio tool you will find what you need.

Enter your stocks and ETFs into a virtual portfolio. You'll be able to incorporate the day, price and currency at which you bought the asset, so you can get a virtually identical version of your portfolio's actual performance. What went wrong? Portfolio is prepared to historically correct the performance of your portfolio and will block updates that are inconsistent with subsequent movements. At the same time, we have included the possibility of setting alerts, so that Portfolio will warn you when the RSI of a company exceeds a certain threshold or if the debt ratio of any of the positions in the portfolio grows above a certain level. You will be able to sort the alerts by priority.

"Charts", discover the asset allocation by sector, industry, country and market capitalization. In turn, compare yourself with the benchmark of your choice and see if you beat the market. At the bottom you will even see the possibility to generate 2D/3D charts with any financial variable. Why not plot your portfolio according to the MOS Baboon Method (see Glossary) and ROIC?

And if you want to know any statistics of your portfolio, in "Stats" you can see data such as the average ROIC weighted by market capitalization, the statistics of your portfolio such as volatility, Sharpe Ratio or Beta, and the correlation matrix. In a very visual way you will see if you have assets with very similar behavior (those closest to 1) or independent (those closest to 0). Finally, our clustering algorithm will propose groups by similarity, in what we have called "Correlation Clusters".

You will also see your historical transactions, which you can export in Excel CSV format. Likewise, all the information regarding your portfolio events, insiders, superinvestors and news will be at your fingertips. In particular, in "News" we wanted to include an AI algorithm of investor sentiment analysis so you can filter the news at your convenience.

What if you just want to see the statistics of a group of assets without having to create a Portfolio? The Watchlist tool retains the same functionality as Portfolio so you can quickly study and analyze any group of companies. We challenge you to search ETFs, indices, sectors and industries to select multiple stocks in a single click.

Portfolio & Watchlist is an excellent control panel with which to keep track of your portfolio and discover aggregated information that would otherwise not be possible.

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This is not just any company search engine. It is a hyper search engine where you can filter the entire asset market with the valuation methodology of our algorithm and find out which companies are cheap in real time.

In "Settings", you can select the sectors, industries, countries, indexes, portfolios... on which you want to perform your search. We have included a button on the right called "Min Years" so that you can impose a minimum number of years of historical data. You can also build more complex logical structures by clicking on AND / OR / NAND / NOR, for example you can tell Hyperscreener to search for companies in the US market that you do not have in your portfolio.

Then, include the filters using Baboon's ocean of indicators and financial variables. Finally, in the logic builder, define the logical structure of conditions you want. After clicking Save Logic, the stocks that meet all the conditions will be displayed in Watchlist format. Why not include the Baboon Ranking column (see Glossary) in this Watchlist and sort the results by how interesting the price/quality ratio is?

Finally, you will have the possibility to use the same analysis tools of the "Charts", "Stats" or "Calendar" portfolio to analyze the resulting companies.

And since we have not been able to find a similar screener on the market, we have decided to baptize it as the king of screeners: Hyperscreener, the best investment ideas engine at your fingertips.

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Portfolio Pilot

Have you already included your Portfolio in Have you defined alerts for what you don't want to see in your portfolio? Have you created an investment idea engine with Hyperscreener? Great! You can now activate Portfolio Pilot, your personal assistant that will help you make buying and selling decisions.

The tool is really simple: select a Portfolio, select a Hyperscreener, indicate the target liquidity and the number of positions you want to have in your portfolio. Portfolio Pilot will put in the BUY column the positions sorted by the criteria you consider, and in SELL your portfolio positions sorted by alerts (if any) and by the variable you indicate. We normally sort by Baboon Ranking (see Glossary) and order the sell positions from the worst ranking position to the best, and vice versa for the buy positions. In addition, we ask that the buy positions at least better the average statistics of our Portfolio.

Portfolio Pilot is your control panel to manage your portfolio operations. Never before have you had so much control over your investment thesis in such an easy way.

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